myLiquitab is commercializing patented technology to liquify pills and tablets, providing an easier way for people suffering from dysphagia to take their medication. Dysphagia affects an estimated 5% of the population, including up to 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 as well as being prevalent in children.

The company has recently completed its production engineering and will commence a pre-production sales campaign of ‘beta’ units via crowd-funding platform, targeting delivery in September 2016. Following completion of the crowd-funding campaign, myLiquitab will launch global sales supported by digital marketing and intends to add a sales force via resellers and myLiquitab Consultants.

The initial target market is Australia, with global expansion to be progressively added as the company adds additional marketing and distribution resources.

myLiquitab is a registered trade mark of Liquitab Systems Limited. Liquitab Systems Limited is an Australian public unlisted company, which was formed in 2006.